Monday, April 3, 2017

Slow Day

We are having a slow day today. We are all tired and our code is a mess. Despite our best efforts the arm doesn't want to cooperate. We all feel a sense of defeat but are trying to keep spirits high by looking at how far we have come. I never thought that coding for the arm would be this hard. We are trying same code again but changing the wiring on the robot itself.
Our new wiring 
We as a team are more than discouraged but we will try to keep trying and hopefully have our beta version of our code by Friday.
Luis's sad face

Friday, March 31, 2017

No End

Currently our coding feels endless and we have had little to no success. Our spirits have been shot down and we have almost given up. But we will preserver and continue on. Our code for the arm is what is giving us trouble; we have messed with the code and now think it may be the motor or the wiring.
Our failing code
On the bright side our robot in solid works is coming along very nicely. This is our finished product.

front view

side view

top view

isometric view

There was no way to add wheels as they were continuously suppressed but we finished all the other components

Monday, March 27, 2017


We have completed out remote controlled arm challenge!!!! We can now move onto the autonomous part of using the arm and tetrahedrons. For the autonomous one we only need to get one tetrahedron on the rack.
Our tetrahedron on our arm
We now have to buckle down and code code code. This challenge will prove difficult but hopefully not impossible. 
me coding away

Thursday, March 23, 2017

So Close, Yet So Far

We have made progress in practicing getting our tetrahedron on the rack but the end seems impossible to reach. We are only halfway done with solid works and we know we have at least two more challenges ahead.
Dylan and Luis working on building our tetrahedron 
We work a little bit on Solid Works everyday and have made good progress. This our finished squarebot without the claw

front view

side view

top view

isometric view

Monday, March 20, 2017

Practice Makes Perfect

Today we are just practicing getting the tetrahedron on rack to complete the tetrahedron challenge. We have the right code and the arm works great but trying to get two tetrahedrons on the rack in uder a minute is difficult. We are getting closer but we aren't quite there. We also have to build our own tetrahedron.
Dylan practicing the challenge.
We hope to complete the challenge by the end of the week.

Dylan Luis and Ryan (who photobombed us) all admiring our arm

Friday, March 17, 2017

No halo today

Mr. Martin was out today, but we didn't fool around. We continued to work on the arm on our robot in order to complete the next challenge. We had a minor issue with a screw rubbing against one of the rails and we are trying to figure out how to get it right so the screw doesn't hit anything.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Endless Coding

We are starting this week with some more coding. It has been a challenge to autonomously take the robot around two chairs three times; the task may seem simple but it is harder than it looks. We can get it around the chair once but three times seems impossible at this point. We do hope to have it done though by the end of the week.
Luis fixing the wires
We are also slowly working on SolidWorks but it takes awhile.
Alejandro and Mr. Martin trying to fix the pairing between our cortex and joystick